Dr. Srinathkumar

Dr Srinathkumar holds BE (Bangalore University, India, 1960), MS (University of Hawaii, 1973) and PhD (Oklahoma State University, 1976) degrees all in Electrical Engineering. He has spent all his professional life as a scientist at the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), India (1961-71,1978-2000). During 1993-2000, he served as Head of the Flight Mechanics and Control Division, NAL. He has spent two sabbaticals (1976-78, 1987-89) at NASA Langley Research Center, Virginia, USA, under the USA National Research Council Fellowship program.

During his tenures at NASA, he was involved in pioneering application of Eigenstructure Control techniques for aircraft flight control (1976-78) and design & successful experimental demonstration of active flutter control of a flexible wing (1987-89).

His current interest continues to be in the application of modern control techniques to Aircraft and Rotorcraft handling qualities design problems.

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