About the Book

Eigenstructure Control Algorithms: Applications to aircraft / rotorcraft handling qualities design
  • Uniquely covers both theoretical development and detailed flight control application examples
  • Of interest to both control and aeronautical engineers as well as being of use to doctoral students and flight control researchers in universities

Flight Control

Modern flight vehicles are now built based on full authority fly-by-wire flight control systems. These technology advancements in turn have brought into focus the role of multivariable control system design methods to evolve complex multi-loop control systems to optimize aircraft / rotorcraft dynamic performance. Among the many control techniques available for such designs, Eigenstructure Assignment offers some unique advantages since the flight vehicle handling qualities specifications primarily originate in the modal control framework.


Eigenstructure assignment concept has been developed into a comprehensive multivariable control theory along with flight control applications in the Book:
SRINATHKUMAR, S.: “Eigenstructure Control Algorithms: Applications to aircraft / rotorcraft handling qualities design”,  Control Engineering Series  74, IET, London, U.K., 2011 (ISBN 978-1-84919-259-0)


A  MATLAB® based Toolbox “ESCORT” has been developed to facilitate the reader to readily adapt the eigenstructure assignment algorithms, to their own applications.  ESCORT is a free software.